SHR x Mermaid Crown | Face Jewels | Face Gems


SHR x Mermaid Crown | Face Jewels | Face Gems


Create the Sophie Hannah Richardson look with the beautiful Mermaid Crown, face jewel. Shop Now!

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MERMAID CROWN | All in One Face Jewel

Sophie Hannah Richardson Collection  

We have teamed up with the Queen of Face Jewels and glitters Sophie Hannah Richardson. Sophie has designed her own face jewels and glitters.

Mermaid Crown is her gorgeous face jewel, inspired to channel your inner mermaid. Think unicorns, think mermaids.

What you get:

  • Mermaid Crown is an all in one face jewel with a peel off, ready to stick jewel, safe for face and body.
  • The product comes with one centerpiece face jewel and two tear drop jewels for under the eye.

Wear me with:

Wear me to:

  • Step up your festival game by rocking the glitter eyes to hide those sleepless nights or go crazy with the glitters and cover your body - we authorize this.
  • Let the Queen of everything that glitters inspire you to create the ultimate festival looks, head over to our instagram for more creations @TheGypsyShrine

Ways to use me:

  • Remove the jewels from the packaging, carefully peel off centerpiece face jewel and apply to the middle of the forehead. For best results, apply on clean skin.