Sophie Tea

Mega babe, independent artist and travelling beauty Sophie Tea is a force to be reckoned with! She is taking over the world one painting at a time and recently had her very own 90's art show 'Game Girl'. Read about Sophie's inspiration and what makes her one of our fave humans on the planet... 


What do you never leave the house without?

Passport – I HONESTLY spend my life losing my drivers license because it holds no real importance to me. My passport does the same job but is ALSO my adventure pass to fun places, so I hang on to it with my dear life. I also spend my time and love being on-the-go; having the flexibility to get on a flight whenever I want is mission critical.

What are your 3 fave Instagram accounts?

Sally Mustang – She is a banging artist who loves getting her boobs out. We are so similar.

Mimi – Once a hard-core fan girl, now she is legit my mate (no biggy). I met this legend on a flight to Australia and you should check her out coz her account is so cooool and she is coming to my studio to paint next month to show me her skills with paint!

The Gypsy Shrine – As my bezzie mate, Jenna (hey hun), is the mastermind behind it all, it gives me great pleasure watching it go from strength to strength. Also the girls I have met along it’s beautiful journey are regularly featured and I love keeping up to date with our amazing team xxxx

Who’s your dream dinner date, dead or alive?

David Bowie. THIS GUY, single handedly launched my art career. The day he died I painted a tribute picture of him and posted it online. From that picture I got 1 commission from friends, then 3 commissions from friends of friends, then 5; now I get commissioned from all across the globe. I’d like to thank him for inspiring me and drill him for all of his tips on making it big.

Give us your best tips for always looking glam at a festival…

Make friends with trades people that have access to the VIP showers. OR just cover your hair, face, boobs and bum in glitter. ONLY THE GYPSY SHRINE GLITTER WORKS.

You’re stranded on a desert island for a month, what 3 things would you take…

Paint brush, paints and canvas, but like obviously if I was really stranded then a phone, a private jet and my boyfriend who can fly it for me lol.

You successfully launched a career as an artist… do you have any advice for any aspiring artists out there?

My advice to aspiring artists is to JUST BLOODY DO IT! If you're a creative and you're driven, you are never going to be fully fulfilled in the 9-5. So rather than wishing your life away, do something about it. It will be rubbish at times, you will be skint, you will question every decision that you make, BUT if you're passionate, put in the hours consistently and believe in your worth, it's yours for the taking. Good luck!!!


We’re all about girl power! What does girl power mean to you?

NOT COMPARING YOURSELF. This is something that I’m honestly still not great at. There will always be someone prettier than you, smarter than you, better at business than you, more IG followers than you, more dogs, more money, better at taking selfies, someone that doesn’t have a really long second toe like you. GET OVER IT. Concentrate on being the best version of yourself; instead of chasing happiness, it will find you!

What’s your fave place in the world?

This is such a hard one! I’m going to break it down into 3 parts:

Party: New York   Arty: San Francisco   Love Hearty: Sydney


Find Sophie's art and follow her journey over @sophieteaart






Our fave Halloween Misfit looks so far...


The response we’ve had from our hashtag has been craaazy! It’s not even Halloween yet and we’ve had hundreds of posts from you all wanting to join our Misfit girl gang!

The Halloween looks we’ve been tagged in on Instagram are AMAZING. We’ve had some really creative and exciting looks being created using our Halloween Misfit collection. Whether you are re-creating our misfit looks, or creating your own look using our jewels and glitters. We LOVE to see the looks you have created.

With Halloween fast approaching, we thought we would share with you all our favourite looks that we’ve been tagged in so far...

1) Skull

Misfit: @twistinbangs

Skull Chest jewel surrounded by mix and match jewels. This look has been created using black diamond glitter. This misfit has used several mix and match jewels on her face. This is how she’s created the teeth within this look.

We are soo LOVE with this look. It’s so creative. The PERFECT Halloween look. 


2) Poison Ivy:

Misfit: @carahogan_mua

This look is so extra! How details are those leaves?! I love this version of our Poison Ivy look. It’s so creative. To re-create this look you will need, the red diamond, black diamond and poison ivy glitters. To make this look next level; I would recommend adding the Poison Ivy Face and Chest Jewels.


3) Ice Queen:

Misfit: @leanneallenmua

To re-create this look, you would need a unicorn crown face and body jewels. The glitters you would need are iridescent diamond and a silver mix glitter. This Misfit has mastered this icy Halloween look – so cool it’s giving us shivers.



4) Rainbow Skull

Misfit: @pmon6

This rainbow skull look is AMAZING and was so close to being my number one skull look. This look was created using the iridescent skull chest piece and face jewel. This look has been created using a rainbow of our glitters including; Fortune night, Poison Ivy, Red Diamond, Chunky Gold, Snow Queen, Ice Queen and Black Diamond.


5) Fortune Teller

Misfit: @jens_stylesecrets

This look has inspired me to be a fortune teller this Halloween. It has been created using the fortune night face jewel combined with chunky gold under the eye and black diamond glitter on the lips. LOVE this! 


6) Poison Ivy

Misfit: @hartyyy

This misfit has used our Poison ivy chest piece, which she has surrounded with the poison ivy glitter. This has also been added onto of her lips and in her hair to create a totally extra look. Our loose jewels have been used on the face – we would recommend using the Poison Ivy face gems to create the full Gypsy Shrine Halloween look.


7) Circus Realness

Misfit: @erikamariemua

This unofficial misfit HAD to join our girl gang.

This look has been created using Poison Ivy glitter and the Red diamond glitter to create the glitter lip. We love how this misfit has created her own look using the gypsy shrine products. 


8) Halloween Mermaid

Misfit: @makeupwearingunicorn

On the face, this misfit has used the dark mermaid face jewels. The glitters used are a mixture of glitters, but we would recommend either chunky unicorn, chunky mermaid and ice queen. If you’re really daring, make your own mix!


9: Dark Fairy

Misfit: @ellie35x

We just LOVE how creative this look is! This dark fairy has some amazing paint work! This misfit has used a mix and match of our face jewels including Candy Skull face jewel.


10: Ice Queen:

Misfit: @elliejenkins8

The look was created using our Ice Queen Chest piece and face jewel, which has been combined with the Ice Queen glitter. The glitter lip was created using the Ice Queen glitter pot. This misfit knows when it comes to glitter less is never more, and more is never enough!


There you have it - our favourite Halloween looks so far. Keep tagging us in your looks using the hashtag #GypsyShrineMisfit to join our Misfit Girl gang. We LOVE seeing your looks! Which misfit will you be this Halloween?






Time To Get SPOOKY


Its FINALLY our favorite time of year again! That's right its almost Halloween and we are ecstatic. This year our tribe of woman " The Misfits" have taken the streets to let their inner freak shine out to the world.  

Continue scrolling to discover a step by step tutorial on how you can master our Poison Ivy Halloween look at home! 

Poison Ivy - Gini Misselbrook -  -

Poison Ivy - Gini Misselbrook -  -

First Step is to get into character; Is your alter ego one of seduction, flirtation and temptation?   If so our Poison Ivy is the perfect Halloween look to let your inner villain shine though. 

blog pic.jpg

Poison Ivy is a ruthless strong woman who will wreak havoc on those who of course deserve it. She is extremely confident and very sure of herself, she knows her talents and knows her weaknesses she is not one to be messed with! 

Poison Ivy is known for using her flirtation to draw in her unsuspected victims ....who will be your lucky victim this Halloween..





Listed below are the Essentials 

poison ivy head.jpg
poison glitter pic.jpg
poison ivy body pic.jpg

To complete the look you will need a few extra bits 

  • MUA Pearl Green Eyeshadow - Available through the link below
  • MUA Red Lipstick - Available through the link below
  • Extra Long Red Wig Available online or fancy fancy dress store! 


  • STEP ONE - Get wiggy with it and get your new long red locks on 
  • STEP TWO - Lets begin by placing your Poison Ivy face gems
  • STEP THREE - Apply MUA green eyeshadow from the eyelid right u to the brow bone
  • STEP FOUR - Grab either a paintbrush or a old foundation bursh and apply your Pure PAWPAW ointment to the appropriate facial areas | We suggest the essential areas to be under eye, hairline and cheek bones 
  • STEP FIVE - Now using either a paintbrush or your finger apply your Poison Ivy Glitter to the under-eye, hairline, cheek bones and just let loose and go glitter mad!
  • STEP SIX - Place your Poison Ivy body jewel onto your chest.
  • STEP SEVEN - Again by using either your finger or paintbrush apply your Pure PAWPAW ointment around the body jewel | BE GENEROUS the more PAW the more Glitter \\\ The more GYPSY SHRINE you will be \\
  • STEP EIGHT - Go glitter crazy using the same brush used to apply glitter to your face, apply Poison Ivy glitter around your chest piece.
  • STEP NINE -  SNAP a SELFIE Upload to Instagram using the hashtag #GypsyShrineMisfits  to potentially be featured on our Instagram page






Sophia Moreno

Total babe and independent woman, Sophia is total girl boss GOALS! She has her own fitness clothing range, is a confident public speaker and one of our super creative head arstists. Check out our interview with her below to get to know her that little bit better...



What is your favourite festival fashion brand?

 OHHHH this is a really hard one, i love loads for different reasons, Claudia Pink as all of her bits are to die for and I'm really loving her new head pieces at the moment! I loveeee DollsKill as there is so much variety and inspo in one place you can rely on sass meeting sexy on their IG and lastly I would go for Elsie and Fred as I'm partial to a high waisted pant combo!! 

 How do you define success?

 Ohhhh love this question ! Well i think success can be measured in so many different ways and all different aspects of life. Success to me would mean following your life purpose and impacting as many people as possible in a positive way. I don't think success should only be measured in money, but on how hard you have worked and the dent you make in the world! It's important that with your success you find happiness, if you can combine the two you are on to a winner!

 Do you have a life motto?

A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins. I would say this is my fave because there will be obstacles when chasing your dreams so its about not giving up. It's not about how we get knocked down but about coming back 10 x stronger. 



We hear you're a bit of a girl boss… What’s your top tips for other aspiring girl bosses?

I think you need to 110% own you. No one else an do you like you can so own it and be authentic. Don't let people's opinions stop you from achieving your dreams, it's so important to remember opinions do not pay your bills! The only person you're in competition with is yourself so don't worry about what anyone else is doing, be the best version of you, look after yourself, better yourself and grow as a person. because when you grow, your business will grow. People always think the grass is greener on the other side but your grass is greener where you water it!

What’s the best festival you’ve ever been to? 

Ohh now this is a hard one as I've had loads of fun at different festivals; but Boomtown has never failed me. With friends or with The Gypsy Shrine, I love getting lost and finding new places and boom is perfect for this.

What’s your top 3 must have beauty essentials to take to a music festival? 

OBVS The Gypsy Shrine glitter and jewels! I also love a bold lip so lipstick for me is always a must at a festival. My last beauty essential would have to be hair accessories! 


When you’re not working glittering up huns, how do you spend your down time? 

I run my own business the Elite Movement so my day to day life is helping people reach their health or wealth goals and empowering a positive lifestyle & body image! I  love public speaking and mentoring people, so maybe not much down time as I'm always high on life and travelling around! I have also just launched Elite Movement Apparel which is our own line of active wear and lounge wear! IG @elitemovementapparel Super excited about this. I love the gym and spending time with inspiring creative people, spending time with my man and of course our pup Winston!   

What’s your favourite Instagram account right now?

I have a few for different reasons ... @thebosssbabetribe for boss babe inspo quotes @tammyhembrow as she is GOALS @thegypsyshine for glittery goodness.





Perrie Edwards V-festival Glam!

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Perrie Edwards V-festival Glam!

Our girl Perrie Edwards, @perrieedwards,  is one fourth of probably the BIGGEST girl band around. Dubbed ‘Hippy Mix’ by her fellow bad mates, she definitely lived up to her nickname this festival season.

Spotted at V fest Hyland’s park, swapping the stage to become a festival goer herself, and wearing the Gypsy Shrine NEW Halloween collection of course.

She looked amazing… as the insanely talented Anna Lingis created this incredible look using the ‘Ice Queen’ face jewels and ‘All-In-One’ chest piece. The iridescent jewels and glitter look is the perfect for Halloween glam and is now available on the Gypsy shrine.

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MEET THE GIRL GANG - Mia Kennington

The gorgeous Mia is a talented arty rainbow gal and also one of our Head Artists here at The Gypsy Shrine. She's SUPER creative and a beautiful soul so we asked her some Q's so you could find out a little more about her... 

What’s your top tip for a first-time festival goer?

Lose track of time!

What is your must-have festival item?

Cat ears/fluffy coat/Glitter & matching glittery ‘whisky flask’

Who’s wardrobe would you love to raid?

Penny Lane from Almost famous

Fave fashion era?

Late 70’s/early 80’s band girls

Who is your fave kick ass female, and why?

BUFFY! Because she's the ultimate icon of girl power growing up in the 90’s

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sushi & Wine

What’s the best part about being a Gypsy Shrine girl?

That we are allowed the freedom to get as creative and over the top with looks as we want! Also traveling about to different events, meeting people from all over the world!


If you were invisible for the day, what would you do?

Sneak on a plane going to Fiji! Free flight a thank youuuu

Fave Gypsy Shrine item?

I am happy to see my Rainbow chest piece made into reality, standing for everything rainbows represent! #Stayarainbow! But also I'm completely in love with the new face jewels Skye & Gini designed, their beaut!







MEET THE GIRL GANG - Patricia Monarca

The gorgeous P-Money is as beautiful inside as she is out! She's our vibrant festival manager who roams around the UK setting up our Gypsy Shrine tent and providing you all with gLIT makeovers and massive smiles. When she's not at a festival, she's probably gallivanting across the globe, cooking vegan treats or planning world domination with her new clothing line! If you've seen The Gypsy Shrine at a festival, you've most likely been greeted, glittered or braided by this BABE. Our new series of 'Meet The Girl Gang' could start with NO other... we asked her a few Q's so you guys could get to know her as well as we do! 

What’s your fave thing about being a Gypsy Shrine artist?

Every person looks for a job or career where they can have the freedom to have their own input. Not only do I get a voice I also get inspired every day; it's great to work with so many talented people and learn. I love learning, especially when it bounces off someone else's talent. I'm also able to be creative and let my mind flow and take whatever direction it wants every time I work; and that for me is “Life Goals”.


Give us your top tip for creating an amazing festival look?

Festivals are your opportunity to try the makeup look you always wanted but never had the courage to because it was too bold. I love the more native, aztecy looks; when you add glitter to this = match made in heaven.

“The more the better”, you can never add too much of anything, if you think you have enough glitter, jewels or face paint, think again.

ALWAYS add detail!!!! You'd be surprise how effective tiny white dots can be.

Lastly, add different vibrant colours to your make up looks, the more colours you add the more details your look will seem to have.


What’s your life motto?
Travel the world, eat your veggies, wear glitter and always be kind to people.

Glitter boobs or Glitter booty?

Oooohhhh! This is a tough one….

BOOTY! but they are both equally as awesome.

PS: this was one of the hardest decisions EVER...


Which is your favourite Gypsy Shrine product?

I love the new rainbow chest piece. However “Disco Night” face jewel holds a special place in my heart. It was my very first time playing around with jewel designing and I now see it as my baby, haha!!

If you were stranded on an island for a month, what three items would you take?

A puppy, a book and a surfboard (nothing like the now to learn a new skill Hey?!)

Which festival are you most excited for this year and why?

Secret Garden Party. The very last SGP, I think there will be some amazing surprises waiting for us.


How would you describe your own personal style?

Fashionwise: Colourful and different. I like mixing trendy clothing items with other bits I've had for a while and can't let go of because I still think they're cool.


Lifewise: Healthy, Happy and Free!!





When you get an invite in to the Love Island Villa, it’s impossible to RSVP any other way than with a massive YES, am I right?!

We sent five of our amazing Gypsy Shrine artists in to Glitter and Jewel the whole cast read for their Glitter Party. Using our signature chunky glitters and range of face and body jewels,

we created individual looks for each of the Love Island contestants.

There wasn’t a babe in the villa that didn’t LOVE their looks and we’re so happy they were on board to go ALL out!

Alex and Montana spent the few hours we had with them competing over who could get the most glitter on their bodies… and we think they look AMAZING, right?!

Each of the couples wanted to stick to themes of colour between them so they could look their absolute best! Who do you think is the best couple in their glitter makeovers?

To shop the jewels and glitter we used during the glitter party of the season, see the list below and click to shop!



Face - SHR x Unicorn Crown Face Jewel + Iridescent Candy Kiss Face Jewel (Under Eye) + Rainbow Pink Glitter Body - Chest: All in One Chest Piece + Chunky Silver Glitter | Hand: Chunky Silver Glitter | Leg: Chunky Silver Glitter Hair - Chunky Silver Glitter


Face - Mix N Match Face Jewels + Iridescent Diamond Glitter Body - Chest: All in One Chest Piece + Chunky Pink Glitter + Chunky Silver Glitter | Hand: Chunky Pink Glitter


Face - Mix N Match Face Jewels + Chunky Gold Glitter Body - Chest: All in One Chest Piece + All in One Boob Jewel (Worn Under Chest) + Chunky Gold Glitter + Iridescent Diamond Glitter


Face - Iridescent Candy Kiss Face Jewel + Chunky Silver Glitter + Blue Mermaid Glitter Body - Chest: All in One Chest Piece + Chunky Silver Glitter + Blue Mermaid Glitter


Face - Disco Nights Face Jewel + Multi Mix Glitter Body - Disco Night Face Jewels + Multi Mix Glitter


Face - Midnight Aura Face Jewels + Gold Chunky Glitter Body - Chest: All in One Boob Jewel as Chest Piece + Gold Chunky Glitter + Silver Chunky Glitter


Shorts all the Islanders wearing are from Elsie and Fred



Face - Silver and Pink Chunky Glitter

Body - Silver and Pink Chunky Glitter


Face - Chunky Gold + Blue Mermaid Glitter

Body - All in One Rainbow Chest Jewel + Gold Chunky Glitter + Blue Mermaid Glitter


Face - Chunky Silver Glitter + Iridescent Diamond Glitter

Body - All in One Boob Jewels (On Pecks) + Chunky Silver Glitter + Iridescent Diamond Glitter


Face - Chunky Silver Glitter + Iridescent Diamond Glitter

Body - All in One Chest Jewel + Chunky Silver Glitter


Face - No Glitter

Body - Multi Mix Chunky Glitter + Iridescent Diamond Glitter


Face - No Glitter

Body - Mutli Mix Glitter, Gold Glitter, Blue, Pink and Iridescent Diamond Glitter






Next, MUA Aisha Khan ( blew us away with her chilling snow queen look. From those ice blue lips to her strong blue contour this girl has made us want to all embrace our inner Narnia ice queen. FUN FACT: Aisha’s must have beauty product has to be liquid lipstick. She’s always on the look out for the best formula. Well girl, we think you nailed it with this look! To recreate this look for yourself, you will need:

•    The Gypsy Shrine ‘Mix & Match’ face jewels.
•    The Gypsy Shrine ‘Iridescent’, ‘Mermaid’ and ‘Unicorn’ glitters. 
•    Snazaroo light blue, silver and white paints. 
•    Kryolan Blue Aqua Paint.
•    Jeffree Star ‘Drug Lord’ for both lips and eyeliner, ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ and ‘Ice Cold’ skin frost. 
•    NYX Cosmetics liquid lipstick in ‘Blue’. 
•    Morphe Brushes 12P palette. 
•    Unicorn Lashes in ‘Vespertine’ topped with Kryolan white lashes.

FUN FACT: Aisha loved spending this Christmas with her family especially her niece and nephew. “They were both so excited about Santa’s visit! Having the kids around at Christmas makes it all so much more magical and festive and of course I love glittering my make up all up for the entire festive season!” 

FOLLOW Aisha on Instagram: @akhanartistry