March was a crazy month for us. Reaching 100k on Instagram, announcing our collaboration with the queen of glitter and jewels Sophie Hannah Richardson and of course, heading off to the SAHARA DESERT for BEYOND festival!! 

Our two head makeup artists and ultimate glitter babes Sophia Moreno and Mia Kennington packed their suitcases (full of glitter of course!) and headed off to the desert to glitter you all up BEYOND belief! Check out the photos and read all about their crazy adventure below.. 


Our promotions girl and on team blogger 'Toni Clarke' caught up with the girls to discover exactly just what it's like as a 21st century girl to be without wifi for an entire weekend. Girl guides just got glittery. 

Toni: Of course Mia, I have to ask you.. Where did you get your inspiration for the glitter booty?

Mia: Sitting on the desert/beach I always seem to get sand attached to my bum. We all do! Super annoying right?! Well, we thought why not have a bit of a laugh about it by putting glitter on our butts instead! It's an issue literally everyone who has been to the beach and sat on the sand can relate to, besides.. glitter is definitely a lot prettier than sand right?!

Toni: It really is a lot prettier than sand and the world has gone crazy for it!! It has been such a trend that we have been featured in the likes of Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Forbes and even noticed by the amazing Khloe Kardashian!! Will you be giving it a try?! 


Toni: What was your highlight/favourite moment of the festival?

Mia: The stars - It was actually incredible! I LOVED the whole evening vibe of the festival with the fires and listening to the traditional musicians.

Sophia: Walking along the sand and the dunes, it was such a humbling and beautiful experience.


Toni: Your funniest moment?

Mia: Sophia and I had WAY too many!! Probably the long journey home stopping off in the most remote of places. I think the tiredness made us delirious! 

Sophia: Probably shooting the glitter bums as you can imagine we turned some heads! It was SO windy we were trying to be glamorous but most of the time resulting in sand or a headpiece in my mouth. Beautiful. 


Toni: What tips would you give to someone hoping to travel the Sahara desert? Any ultimate must have desert survival items? 

Mia: A battery power pack!! I think we didn't really grasp how back to basics we were getting. It was actually refreshing not having any internet for the weekend. I would definitely recommend taking a step back from social media if you ever get the chance, it really does help to clear the mind. 

Sophia: Be ready to travel loads but it's SO worth it! Wear LOTS of glitter! Of course!! As Mia mentioned, DEFINITELY bring a battery pack!! There is NO electricity whatsoever. And it surprisingly gets FREEZING, Mia and I were not prepared for this at all and ended up sleeping in all of our clothes - haha!! 


Toni: Besides the obvious of being located in the desert, what makes 'Beyond' so unique compared to other festivals you have previously attended? 

Mia: You get to know everyone there. It's intimate enough that you manage to speak to near enough every attendee, unlike any other festival I've been to. 

Sophia: It's like a little community, it's beautiful. The people are amazing and it's so chilled out. Definitely one for the bucket list!


So guys, glitter booty yay or nay?! Will you be sporting the ultimate 'beach bum' trend this summer? Be sure to share your recreations/snaps with us by using the hashtag '#TGS2017' 

Until next time,

The Gypsy Shrine Girls x


Written by: Toni Clarke

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