MEET THE GIRL GANG - Patricia Monarca

The gorgeous P-Money is as beautiful inside as she is out! She's our vibrant festival manager who roams around the UK setting up our Gypsy Shrine tent and providing you all with gLIT makeovers and massive smiles. When she's not at a festival, she's probably gallivanting across the globe, cooking vegan treats or planning world domination with her new clothing line! If you've seen The Gypsy Shrine at a festival, you've most likely been greeted, glittered or braided by this BABE. Our new series of 'Meet The Girl Gang' could start with NO other... we asked her a few Q's so you guys could get to know her as well as we do! 

What’s your fave thing about being a Gypsy Shrine artist?

Every person looks for a job or career where they can have the freedom to have their own input. Not only do I get a voice I also get inspired every day; it's great to work with so many talented people and learn. I love learning, especially when it bounces off someone else's talent. I'm also able to be creative and let my mind flow and take whatever direction it wants every time I work; and that for me is “Life Goals”.


Give us your top tip for creating an amazing festival look?

Festivals are your opportunity to try the makeup look you always wanted but never had the courage to because it was too bold. I love the more native, aztecy looks; when you add glitter to this = match made in heaven.

“The more the better”, you can never add too much of anything, if you think you have enough glitter, jewels or face paint, think again.

ALWAYS add detail!!!! You'd be surprise how effective tiny white dots can be.

Lastly, add different vibrant colours to your make up looks, the more colours you add the more details your look will seem to have.


What’s your life motto?
Travel the world, eat your veggies, wear glitter and always be kind to people.

Glitter boobs or Glitter booty?

Oooohhhh! This is a tough one….

BOOTY! but they are both equally as awesome.

PS: this was one of the hardest decisions EVER...


Which is your favourite Gypsy Shrine product?

I love the new rainbow chest piece. However “Disco Night” face jewel holds a special place in my heart. It was my very first time playing around with jewel designing and I now see it as my baby, haha!!

If you were stranded on an island for a month, what three items would you take?

A puppy, a book and a surfboard (nothing like the now to learn a new skill Hey?!)

Which festival are you most excited for this year and why?

Secret Garden Party. The very last SGP, I think there will be some amazing surprises waiting for us.


How would you describe your own personal style?

Fashionwise: Colourful and different. I like mixing trendy clothing items with other bits I've had for a while and can't let go of because I still think they're cool.


Lifewise: Healthy, Happy and Free!!