Are you waking up with last nights glitter on your face? Doing the walk of shame plastered in jewels and gems? We're diagnosing you with a case of TGS glitteritis. Unfortunately, we don't have a lifetime cure for all you glitter patients out there but we can diagnose you through some of the most common symptoms. Before you leave your bed and risk infecting the world with sparkle and shine, (not that we're complaining), read our 6 signs you're addicted to glitter and prepare yourself for having glitteritis...


1. You Eat Glitter for breakfast

Instead of finding toast crumbs in your bed are you finding specs of glitter instead? This is one of the earliest signs that you're addicted to glitter. The phrase 'eat glitter for breakfast' is more of an ambition for you because if you could, you actually would. Let's face it though, pics of glittery food is so much cuter than pics of ordinary food.  


2. Bathe in Glitter

Is your version of getting clean, covering yourself with extra glitter? If you've always dreamed of bathing in a tub full of glitter and lush glitter bath bombs just don't cut it then maybe you've become glitter obsessed. Congratulations you've made it, you're a glitter bubble bombshell!


3. Everything You Touch Turns to Glitter

If you've left a trail of glitter behind you post getting ready for a party, not only is your hoover going to be a sparkly explosion when you empty it, but you've gone glitter mad. Don't be concerned though, our life motto is 'add abit of outfit to that glitter!'


4. Glitter Party Girl

Who needs a DJ deck, neon lights or a disco ball in the club when you're there? If you uploaded a pic on the gram from last nights outfit pic and the caption was the twinkle emoji than I think we can both be honest and say you have glitteritis. We are all for glitter on top of glitter for a night out look but let us all pray that we don't see glitter in the toilet after that 5th Jager Bomb your bestie made you down. 


5. We Need No Underwear in Here

Are you the type of girl to sling off your bra halfway through walking through the door of your house? Do you often wear tight dresses where you get VPL if you have underwear on? The chances are if you nodded to one of those questions then you've already rocked TGS glitter boobs or glitter booty. You might as well ditch underwear for life! Glitter is the way forward when you have gliteritis.

6. You're Beautiful Like Diamonds in The Sky

Just remember, if you have just finished reading this and have diagnosed yourself as having an addiction to glitter, The Gypsy Shrine Girls are here for you, it's hereditary for us. So in the words of Queen RiRi, 'You're beautiful like diamonds in the sky', however, we always aim to sparkle way more than diamonds do. GLITTER IS A GIRLS BEST FRIEND!