Top 15 Looks From The Festival Season

Festival season is here and we are loving it ! With so many festivals in the calendar glittering all you  babes, we thought we’d share our favourite festival looks so far.

LOOK 1- @theglitterygoose being a jewel goddess, providing shades that you will stand out from the crowd Providing shades that you will stand out from the crowd in ‘Desert Rose Boob Jewels’ and ‘Stargazer Black Body Jewels’.

Gypsy Shrine-.jpg

LOOK 2- Everyone needs their disco bae @ginimisselbrook and @skyepetrie, are rocking this look at Eldorado Festival it is the ultimate sparkling look.

Gypsy Shrine -.jpg

LOOK 3 - @lilyburrows shimmering her way through the festival weekend in this beautiful rainbow piece and our glitter wool braids, we are obsessed with this look!


Gypsy Shrine - (2).jpg

LOOK 4 -Looking for all things multi coloured? @Limeblonde is looking  every inch of the rainbow babe here, it is the dream to be a festi rainbow queen.

Gypsy Shrine - (3).jpg

LOOK 5 - Look at these two cuties @muncey_93 and @olskelleher being sparkling queens in ‘Sunset Haze’ and ‘Fortune Night Glitter’ paired with glitter braids, bringing magical vibes to your festival weekend.

Gypsy Shrine - (4).jpg

LOOK 6- @shan_mcconnell being a mega babe in this all in one piece, sparkling it up with a gold bralet and ‘Gold Biodegradable Glitter,’ Absolutely Insane!


Gypsy Shrine- (2).jpg

LOOK 7 - Everyone loves looking pretty in pink, this look is absolute goals ! @rebekah.kearney being the ultimate fairy in ‘Desert Rose Jewels’.


Gypsy Shrine - (5).jpg

LOOK 8 - @skypetrie the mega babe being the ultimate rainbow queen, wearing a Bottle Blonde Studio jacket and all glittered up in ‘Red Diamond, Gold and blue biodegradable glitter’ and ‘All in one body jewel’.


Gypsy Shrine- (3).jpg

LOOK 9 - @ginimisselbrook  is flying high in this amazing purple all in one rave piece, paired with the glitter braids. This is dreams !

Gypsy Shrine - (6).jpg


LOOK 10 - How awesome does @theglitterygoose look at  farr festival wearing ‘Gold and Pink biodegradable glitter’ with ‘Desert Rose body jewel’.

Gypsy shrine - (7).jpg

LOOK 11 -  @freyaameldarose loving all the sparkles at eldorado festival, in those amazing space sliver boots… WE LOVE !! Wearing glitter ‘Blush Diamond’ and baby pink braids.


Gypsy shrine- (4).jpg

LOOK 12- @glitterygoose giving us another outfit to die for With ‘Stargazer Body Jewels’ and ‘Starry Eyes faced jewels’, what a magical look !!

Gypsy shrine - (8).jpg

LOOK 13 - Festival is about spreading the magic and these two are definitely being magic babes, with the ‘Mix and Match face jewels’, Absolute Love !!  

gypsy shrine - (9).jpg

LOOK 14 - Psychedelic rave queen here @pmon6 ! We fell in love with this look, so dreamy !! All in ‘Mix and Match jewels’ and ‘Glitter Braids’, Keep sparkling.

gypsy shrine - (10).jpg


LOOK 15  - Here is an absolute queen …  sliver GODDESS. Wearing chunky glitter and mix and match jewels, what more could you want at your festival weekend.  



      We hope to see you gals come over and say hi at one of our shrine tents,

keep sparkling!

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