Interview with Nelly London

Nelly is an Instagram and Blogger influencer who’s super proud and celebrates  body confidence at every opportunity.

We caught up with her to chat about the ultimate girl gang, all things body confidence and girl power.   

Nelly is serving ulitmate unicorn goals wearing, chunky unicorn, chunky sliver, Unicorn queen jewels, Chuncky Pink and Confetti body jewel 

2. What's your top tip for aspiring bloggers?

Do you! Whatever inspires you, follow that path. Don't do something because it seems to be working for other bloggers, or because something is getting a lot of likes. Just go with your intuition and create the content that speaks to YOU.

4. Who would be in your ulitmate girl gang?

My best friends and Michelle Obama. There are so many incredible women in the world who I would LOVE to meet but you can never beat your friends. Michelle Obama is the exception because she's Michelle Obama. Oh wait and Chimamanda Ngozi, I think she's got to be one of the most powerful feminist speakers there is. 

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Nelly looks stunning in this look, wearing In The Style daysi lilac iridescent sequin dress and Beksies Boutique Mardi Graz rainbow pride sequin bum bag

7. You are all about body confidence, what makes you most confident and how do you cope with everyday insecurities?

For me, feeling confident has taken a while to achieve, and I definitely haven't always been as self assured as I am within my body. Being with women who understand your insecurities can help because you can lift each other and empower each other to love yourselves for exactly who you are. It's also nice to know that you are not alone. Also for me, lingerie. There is something about finding a set that fits you just right that makes me feel so sexy and so empowered. 

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11. One thing you love about inspring other women?

I just love the messages I am lucky enough to receive. I chat with women every day and it's lovely, to think that I could help someone through just a tiny part of their day makes my heart so happy.

1. You're a very inspirational instagrammer- how do you set about inspiring other women?

Thank you! I mean I don't feel like I'm inspirational but I'm very flattered. I think women are inspired by real women that they can genuinely relate to, even if it's just in a small way. That's why I want my Instagram to be as real and unedited as possible.

3. What does girl power mean to you?

Everythinngggg. But apart from everything it just means taking up the space that you are entitled you. As women, we can often be made to feel small, or quiet, or pushed aside. Unfortunately it's still the way society is programmed. Girl power means ignoring all that, knowing your worth and not being afraid to show it to the world.

5. What's the best thring about being a woman in 2018?

Being able to cover your tits in glitter and walk out the front door and not give a fuck. 


6. How did you get into modelling?

Just through Instagram! I'm definitely not a model though, I am most comfortable when it's just me, my tripod and the self timer.

8. which other instagram accounts can't you stop looking at?

@bodyposipanda is the ultimate queen of body confidence, honestly you can't help but feel amazing when you read through her feed. She puts diets culture to shame and it is amazing to see

9. How do you make others feel confident?

Be kind. Tell them how beautiful they are. Listen. Don't judge anyone. Tell them how beautiful they are again.


10. What is your life motto?

Eat the pizza.

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