Day In The Life Of Gypsy Shrine Artist Lucy Hart

A Day In The Life of a Gypsy Shrine Artist

- Lucy Hart - 

gypsy shrine 5.jpeg

What is the most memorable Gypsy Shrine experience?

VEGAS BABY!!! EDC - blew my mind

Describe being a glitter gal in 3 words?

The Best Job

Holidays or festivals?

BOTH, how can i choose. Although a festival in the sunshine is perfect.


Who would be in your dream girl gang?

EVERYONE FROM THE GS TEAM - all honeys and now my besties

Which celebrity would you love to give a glitterover to and why?



What’s your top 3 must have beauty essentials to take to festivals?

Gs peel off glitter glue, Brown mascara, setting spray to keep that face in placeeee


You have a successful career in makeup... do you have any tips  for any aspiring makeup artist out there?

You do you Hun, get doing makeup on yourself constantly and push your limits. Follow your visions.



What is a day in the life like as a Gypsy Shrine Head Artist?

Crazy! Every day/ event has a totally different vibe. I've had some of the best experiences of my life through working with the Gypsy Shrine.

Who or what inspired you to be a make up artist?

I got into it through my love for fashion, the more I do Makeup the more i love it. And I'm inspired by other artists constantly through make up modelling.


  What are your 3 favourite makeup insta accounts?

@mmmmitchell@staceymariemua , laurenricher


What is your life motto?

Everything happens for a reason!! MANTRA