Clown Bundle | Face + Chest Sticker + Glitter


Clown Bundle | Face + Chest Sticker + Glitter


Our Halloween collection is back and bigger than ever! Create your craziest Clown look with our ultimate bundle! This bold glitter sticker and glitter pot set will transform your look in seconds!

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Are you going to be a clown this Halloween?

Forget the itchy ruffled collar and complete your clown look with the ultimate glam and glitter-fied Clown Bundle! This easy to apply glitter and sticker set will complete your look in minutes!

What You Get:

  • Clown Body Sticker

  • Clown Face Sticker

  • Chunky Silver Glitter Pot

  • Blue Mermaid Glitter Pot

Ways To Use Me:

  • Remove the glitter stickers from the packaging and place around the eyes and chest. Apply glitter to create the ultimate Clown look. For best results, apply on clean oil-free skin and use our Glitter Glue to remove with ease!