SHR X DEEP SEA MERMAID | Face, Hair & Body Glitter

DEEP SEA 2.jpeg
DEEP SEA 2.jpeg

SHR X DEEP SEA MERMAID | Face, Hair & Body Glitter

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Sophie Hannah Richardson's Deep Sea Mermaid is the ultimate gift for all your glitter lovers. A bold hint of the mixed blue holographic glitter to your outfit - summer sass, here you come. Shop now!

Deep Sea Mermaid:
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Deep Sea Mermaid | Body Glitter | Face Glitter | Hair Glitter

Sophie Hannah Richardson Collection

We have teamed up with the Queen of Face Jewels and glitters Sophie Hannah Richardson. Sophie has designed her own face jewels and glitters. Deep Sea Mermaid is her bright blue glitter, inspired to channel your inner mermaid. Think unicorns, think mermaids.

What you get:

Deep Sea Mermaid - Cosmetic grade chunky glitter; safe for face, body and hair. This product is made up of blue holographic chunky hexagon, diamond and small glitter cuts -  a bold hint of sparkle for our glitter lovers.

We offer this product, Deep Sea Mermaid in two sizes:

  • 7 grams glitter bag - great for festivals (cheaper postage).
  • 10 grams glitter pot - perfect for make-up kits and gifting.

Wear me with:

Wear me to:

  • Heading to a festival, going to the ultimate pool party - add a splash of blue mermaid to your face, body or hair.
  • Let the Queen of everything that glitters inspire you to create the ultimate festival looks, for more inspiration go to our instagram to see more looks @TheGypsyShrine

Ways to use me:

  • We recommend using a balm or gel safe for skin to apply glitters with. Using either a small brush or fingertips.
  • Remove the glitter using an oil base product - baby oil works a treat. Best to use with make up wipe or cotton bud - but please always dispose in a bin.
  • Not sure how to apply the glitter? We’ve got your back. Head over to our tutorial page to find out our tips and create the perfect Gypsy Shrine look.