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Disco Night | Face Jewels | Face Gems

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Disco Night | All in One Face Jewel

What you get:

  • Disco Night is an all in one face jewel with a peel off, ready to stick jewel, safe for face and body.

  • The product comes with one centre piece face jewel and two tear drop jewels for under the eye.

Wear me with:

  • Mix with MULTI MIX and CHUNKY SILVER to create the perfect blend of glitters for your face and body.  

  • To get the complete look for all you free spirited festivals lovers why not check out our Instagram page @TheGypsyShrine.

Wear me to:

  • Step up your festival game by adding glitter around the face jewel and then go crazy with the glitters and cover your body.

Ways to use me:

  • Remove the face jewel from the packaging, carefully peel off centerpiece face jewel and apply to the middle of the forehead. For best results, apply on clean skin.