Iridescent Dust | Face, Hair and Body Glitter


Iridescent Dust | Face, Hair and Body Glitter


Our new range of festival glitters to perfect your look and get you sparkling for your event whether its day or night…

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Iridescent Dust | Face glitter | Hair Glitter | Body Glitter

What you get:

Iridescent Dust - Cosmetic grade chunky glitter; safe for face, body and hair. This product is made up of iridescent fine glitter cuts -  a subtle hint of sparkle for our glitter lovers. Perfect to use with all other glitters for that perfect glitter blend. 

What you get: 

  • 10 grams of glitter in a pot (perfect for make-up kits and gifting).  

Wear me with:

Wear me to: 

  • Slay all day and add some glitz to your outfit at festivals  - add some highlight to those cheekbones or be the ultimate glitter fiend and go cray by covering your body.
  • Want some festival inspiration? A helping hand? Or just want to see our glitter babes in actions? - Find out where we at this summer.

Ways to use me:

  • We recommend using PAW PAW to apply to face, hair and body. 
  • Remove the glitter using an oil base product - baby oil works a treat.
  • Not sure how to apply the glitter? We’ve got your back. Head over to our tutorial page to find out our tips and create the perfect Gypsy Shrine look.