Lightning Bolt Sticker | Halloween Makeup Look


Lightning Bolt Sticker | Halloween Makeup Look


Be as bold as David Bowie in our new lightning bolt eye glitter sticker.

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Be a REBEL, REBEL and LET’S DANCE with this inspired face glitter sticker. Striking and bold, you’ll be ready to get your groove on this Halloween!

What You Get:

  • Multi piece glitter stickers, easy-peel for around the eye

Wear Me With:

  • To build up the look around the eyes, you can use RED DIAMOND and CHUNKY SILVER glitter.

  • To create dark eyes or to add to the sticker using body paints, our MEHRON PALETTE is the perfect addition.

  • To create the full HALLOWEEN look, pair with our ALL IN ONE BODY JEWEL.

Wear Me To:

  • Step up your Halloween game by rocking this as part of a Halloween makeup look

  • Your Halloween night out has been waiting for you to rock this Halloween Makeup look

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Ways To Use Me:

  • Remove the glitter stickers from the packaging and place around the eyes. For best results, apply on clean skin. If you tend to have oily skin, blot the skin first.